Italian Memories

Thursday, June 9, 2005 - written by Jodi Gritten-Dorsett

The phone rings and our day begins. Much like the silence breaker at the Kentucky Derby - the horses are out of the gate. But I simply cannot envision the Derby in breakout ringing like the soprano line in the Salmo 150.

One by one we parade into the dining hall for the "American buffet." It's nice to examine our dining tables. We are no longer sections of altos, sopranos, tenors and basses...we all have names, friends, families, stories to tell. Thank you Julie for that :)

On the gondola.

Driving into Venice was nice. Watching the city come to life over the canals. The pay toilets, oh my…this stop was well worth the 50 cents. Not a squatter and a good height. It's amazing the things you miss about home like a toilet… hahahaha.

Going into Venice we saw an enormous yacht. It was confirmed in this morning's paper that in did indeed belong to Paul Allen, an associate of Bill Gates from Microsoft. That yacht cost a whopping $200 million dollars. Holy cow... we need it for our retreat.

Today's lesson on the "boos" was about pizza. Pizza was born in Naples and was the food of the poor people. They've obviously never had PapaDel's...

Red penguins.

The gondola ride was so relaxing. Anyone know what was up with the red penguins?

Passing the singing accordian gondola is the only way to go. It seems at this point the inclimate weather has blown over. Hopefully for the day.

Weather has turned out to be beautiful. I believe the majority of the breezes in San Marco square are created solely by the pigeons. What a perfect creation of a community place where people of all walks join together.

ahhhh... a huge surprise for today at lunch. John proposed to Kris. Proposing in Venice - how wonderful. He missed the gondola ride but was able to find her and proposed from the bridge above... ahhh *sigh*

We had another member of our group late for lunch again…can you guess?? :)

Julie purchased a racy all purpose 4-in-one purse. She was quite proud of her purchase and I have to admit I was a bit jealous. It had to be created by a woman because it was a smart item.

All in all the boat ride back to the bus was quite a joy. Giddy adults gloating over their treasures, breeze blowing into the boat and all is well. The sun shimmers over the jade water like the Murano glass we saw but very much alive and full of much more color and richness.

Concet in Treviso.

Changing on the bus... what can one say about slinking into the joys we call chorale dresses. But it wasn't without incident. Our great surgeon, Dr. Rolly Jean, zipper specialist, began the delicate operation on Maggie's zipper @ ~5:40 p.m.. I'm sorry to say, it didn't make it. But because of the assistance of Joscelyn, Cindy and those downstairs we were able to pin her up. *whew*... we were all relieved. Maggie's dress will make it to the concert.

Concert is finished! The crowd was appreciative and would have hung around to hear more I'm sure.

Prior to the concert... where to begin - well.. the piano WAS NOT there at 7:00, NOT THERE at 8:00 and barely there by 8:30... but it did show up and it was in tune!! Not that it matters often with our group.. hahahahaha. I thought we'd need to get Kent a "Learn to Play Piano" book since it's beene so long since he's played a real one.

*sigh* what to say about the squatters. Good thing the 50 cents wasn't required for those or there would have been an international incident for sure.

Although the past few days we've had more ills than believable we pulled it off. The end of the singing tour. GO YE NOW IN PEACE.

Favorite Domenico phrases:

  • "Night holes" = night owls
  • "Soft as a baby's bottom face" = soft as a baby's bottom
  • "Booshes" = bushes
  • "Harro" = arrow
  • "Mother" = Phyllis
  • "Piggies" = Howard and Pat Piggee
  • "Nikola is taking a piece" = Nikola is getting a piece for the bus

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