Italian Memories

Friday, June 10, 2005 - written by Russ Hanegan

We left Venice/Miestre about 9:00 a.m. We had a new bus which took some getting used to. The Acords and Andresens had left the group. Almost everyone wore the yellow Chorale shirt. The scenery all along the way from Miestre to Milan was beautiful. Passed many villages at the base of the Italian Alps. Once we arrived in Milan, many toured the LaScala Opera House. Others went shopping (Armani's) and some went to look for a lunch spot.

Singing inside the Duomo.

We gathered again in a plaza by a magnificent church, the Duomo, with hundreds of spires (I guess) reaching skyward. We sang three impromptu pieces on the steps deep inside the church. Then we were given a tour. Beautiful stained glass windows, some of which depicted part of the bible story.

From there we got to go see Leonardo DeVinci's "Last Supper." Very interesting description of the painting and the 12 apostles. Then we got to tour through the historic Santa Maria delle Grazia church.

Again we assembled and rode our bus through the grand architecture of Milan to our last, and greatest, hotel, the Hotel Crowne Plaza. That night we shared our final meal before returning home. The food was delicious. Afterwards we sang happy birthday to the June (and maybe July) birthday people. Kate's was today! Several also got up to confess, in public, their addiction to "gelato." Heartbreaking scene. Also, a proposal and acceptance of marriage was announced by John Kouka and Kris Wise, although John had missed getting on the gondola ride. Then we heard an original song sung to the tune of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" by Brenda. Then off to slumberland.

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