The CHORALE is open to singers interested in further musical growth and a high level of musical excellence in choral performance. Desirable for membership are:

  • the ability to match tone
  • sight reading at some level
  • pleasing vocal quality

Members should share a desire to be part of a larger group, subscribe to the belief that singing is a unique means of communication, and know that singing together enriches lives and brings mental, physical and spiritual benefits to those who engage in this form of art.

The yearly membership fee is $75.00 and each singer is required to purchase the specified CHORALE costume.



Rehearsals are Sunday evenings, September through the first week in May, starting at 6:30 pm. We rehearse in the Savoy Room at The Windsor of Savoy, 401 Burwash Ave, in Champaign. The main entrance is on Burwash just East of Prospect Ave, between Windsor and Curtis Road.

Rehearsals are conducted at a pace which contributes to the success of learning. Though somewhat relaxed and enjoyable, there will be attention to detail with an emphasis on tone production, blend, and each individual's responsibility to learn the music. The need for sectional rehearsals will be determined by the director.


CHORALE members are aware each voice is an important part of the whole and attendance at rehearsals is necessary to maintain the integrity and strength of the organization. Singers who miss a rehearsal must inform the appropriate section leader or, in his/her absence, the director. Should a singer miss more than three rehearsals, she/he should speak to the director to determine readiness to sing.